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Similarly, the addition of a list of previously published cuneiform copies, transliterations, and translations, such as has been included in other volumes of the series (e.g., SAACT 6, pp.
The proposed missing tablet falls between what SAACT 7 identified as Tablets III and IV.
SAACT 7, 28 (see the note on line 47) and Annus and Lenzi, "A Six-Column Babylonian Tablet of Ludlul Bel Nemeqi," 187, 194, give the last sign in both as TAR.
(44.) SAACT 7, 43 renders the verb as "encountered," but I no longer think this adequately expresses the visual component of the verb's semantic range.
I direct my comments in this regard to the editors of SAACT. Both the size and darkness of the cuneiform font are taxing on the eyes.
Upon reshelving the Enuma Elis volume alongside the others in the SAACT series, I noticed that a cuneiform sign appears at the top of the spine of each volume.