SAADCSwedish Association of American Square Dance Clubs
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In a statement on Tuesday SAADC claimed the pair had violated anti-doping regulations, based on paragraph 2/3/14 of the Saudi Regulation on Anti-Doping in Sports, and that traces of a metabolic stimulant amphetamine had been detected in samples taken from the athletes in blood tests on April 1 and 13.
Constraint for operation of SAADC 2G is that noise signals are mutually uncorrelated and that distribution of its amplitudes is uniform within the range of [+ or -][[DELTA].sub.i]/2, i = 1, 2.
On the issue of doping, Bader Al-Saeed, secretary-general of the Saudi Arabian Anti-Doping Committee (SAADC), said, "I have faith we would not face any problems, because our athletes are aware of the doping danger.
Conference paper: SAADC 2011 strategies and challenges for sustainable animal agriculture-crop systems, Volume III: full papers.