SAAFASpecial Arab Aid Fund for Africa
SAAFASouth African Air Force Association
SAAFASoldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association
SAAFASouth African Amateur Fencing Association (est. 1949)
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For instance, Bahrain, which is a very modest oil producer, currently receives from Saudi Arabia some 140,000-150,000 barrels a day of output from the Abu Saafa field, and Riyadh may well choose to increase this donation.
The head gear called dastar or saafa was actually a five by one yard length of muslin cloth, plain or dyed tied round head with a notch in front.
"We're both very impressed with what they have managed, as they've not only been getting donations for the boxes but they've been fundraising for SAAFA and The British Legion."
However, thereafter, the economy would remain sluggish until 2014, when only a large increase in output from the Abu Saafa oilfield will cause a spike in real growth, says the Bahrain Business Forecast Report Q1 2010 brought out by
Its onshore Awali oilfield produces 35,000 barrels per day (bpd), while the country also receives around 150,000 bdp from Saudi Arabia, its share of output from the Abu Saafa oilfield.
Deforestation has been going on for millennia on small Pacific islands, caused mostly by fire, which is responsible for the almost complete absence of inland forest on most inhabited atolls in the Pacific, and the extensive sunburnt or talasiga grasslands found on most of the high islands in Fiji, the extensive saafa (Guinea grass) grasslands of Tonga, the niaouli savannas and woodlands of New Caledonia, and extensive areas of almost tree-less grassland, savanna, scrubland and fernland, or total replacement by monocultural coconut plantations on small islands throughout the Pacific Islands.
Some lightening in Saudi supplies late last year briefly helped narrow quality differentials, as Saudi Aramco expanded output of Arab Light by 800,000 b/d when it began production from its Qatif and Abu Saafa oilfields.
Abu Saafa, discovered in 1963, straddles Saudi and Bahraini territorial waters.
Critics of the government have pointed out, for example, that Bahrain in the late 1990s was able to avoid budget deficits largely because Riyadh gifted the production of the offshore Abu Saafa field to the emirate.
In recent years, for example, Bahrain has been able to avoid budget deficits in recent years largely because Riyadh gifted the production of the offshore Abu Saafa field to the emirate.
According to Andrew Cordesman, "[t]he income from the Abu Saafa field provided 36 percent of the revenue of Bahrain's government in 1994." Cordesman, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and the UAE, p.
In addition, Bahrain received almost 154,000 barrels a day in 2016 as its share from Abu Saafa, the field jointly owned with Saudi Arabia and operated by Saudi Aramco.