SAAGASouth African Avocado Growers' Association
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There's a phenomenal demand for organic avocados and a problem coming up with the goods," said SAAGA MD Derek Donkin.
This is one reason why SAAGA has been campaigning to get other avocado producers--including Mexico, Israel, Chile, Peru, Kenya and Spain--to agree to a co-funded year-round generic campaign in the UK that could have a more sustained effect on sales than the South African summer push alone.
SAAGA is predicting strong UK demand this year, following a rise in household penetration up to 18.
Werner Seele, chairman of SAAGA, and Nick Reay, now in the role of past chairman, said they were seeing real growth in demand in the UK for ripe and ready packs of avocados.
He also revealed that SAAGA had made overtures to three other major avocado growing countries -- Israel, Spain and Kenya -- to find ways to cooperate.
Before SAAGA came along container ships were leaving the ports erratically and a main achievement has been our work with the shippers.
Bill Blanden, SAAGA deputy chairman, said the previous campaign launched under the slogan "Fresh from the South African Sun", created a great deal of loyalty.
But he adds that SAAGA, apart from being the catalyst developing the industry's technology, can go further.
The latest estimate from SAAGA points to an increase which will be at least 8% up on last year at 50,000 tonnes.
David Middleton, chairman of the UK committee of SAAGA, representing importers, forecasts a crop which could move quickly from this season's European estimated sales of 7-8 million cartons towards 12-15 million cartons in 1996.