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SAALSignaling ATM Adaptation Layer (ATMF)
SAALSelf-Advocates as Leaders (Salem, OR)
SAALStatus, Already Allowed (Alcatel)
SAALSouth Australian Athletic League
SAALSingle Address Assembly Language
SAALShip Armament Allowance List
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If ownership of the building changed hands it probably wouldn't have much impact on the veterans receiving services at the clinic, Saal said.
The simplest explanation for what we found is that there was water on the proto-Earth at the time of the giant impact," Saal said in a statement on Thursday.
vom Saal FS, Akingbemi BT, Belcher SM, Birnbaum LS, Crain DA, Eriksen M, et al.
I am working with my cousin and eldest son who thank Allah did not die in the war to build a home with these simple materials," Abu Saal explained and added that since the world has "given up on Gaza," its inhabitants must take matters into their own hands.
One possibility is that Earth had acquired much of its water before the giant impact, and that the Earth-moon system somehow managed to retain significant amounts after the collision, Saal and his colleagues suggest.
In this way, Saal claims, "the political becomes pleasurable and that pleasure is channeled into political activism" (39).
According to vom Saal, the second panel gave more weight to studies funded by the plastics industry.
Frederick vom Saal, professor of biological sciences, says recent studies have shown that BPA is extremely harmful, even in very low doses.
He is highly suspicious of chemicals that can leach out of plastics and goes as far as avoiding all canned foods because of concerns about the protective plastic layer that lines the inside, vom Saal worries about compounds which may interfere with the activity of hormones, the so called 'endocrine disrupters.
I wouldn't consider questioning our future as an endorsement of support,'' said Adam Saal, CART's vice president of communication.
By offering a line of Pentium 4-M processor-based boards for a range of requirements, Force enables OEMs to design equipment for specific end markets-avoiding the trade off of performance for cost effectiveness," said Jochen Saal, Force product marketing manager.
Hubert Saal, 72, Newsweek magazine's music and dance critic from 1964 until 1984, died on May 4, 1996.