SAANDSelective Apoptotic Anti-Neoplastic Drug
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Karamullah Saand said that he was told by the engineer concerned that modules' dimensions in Naseer Canal division - last of Rohri Canal system's five divisions - had been corrected.
(23) ega sa ei saand kodu ega toas istuda (DA) EPI you NEG can-PPT home.INS nor room-INS sit-INF 'Obviously you couldn't sit at home or indoors' Similarly to cases described in the previous section, ega here functions as an epistemic word indicating the speaker's high degree of confidence in what follows, which is at the same time in opposition to some expressed or assumed knowing by the recipient (that you could just sit at home).
Next on CETA's playlist is Saand na jaane aangan tedha, an adaptation of Italian playwright Dario Fo's famous satire on corruption , Accidental Death of an Anarchist.Directed by Dhar, this play will be staged for the first time on August 11 at Alliance Francaise.
Th "Gat he he Bobb Flori rall they must be saand able to leave an quaking in fear once e left the dungeon." Rea for PASSAG other cin aid oMemmeetsChurctheir Warwick Castle needs a torturer - so we sent our girl Cara down to the dungeon SAY AAAARRRGGGHHH!
THE PLOT: Fun-loving students, Saand (Sohail) and Ali (Vatsal) fail their degree course in Media Studies but the incompetent filmmakers get a second chance of graduating by submitting a documentary project.
Two blight differentia germplasm lines, FLIP84-92C(2) (blight resistant and SA- and Me-JA-sensitive) and PI359075(1) (blight susceptible and SAand Me-JA-insensitive) showed significant differential expression patterns of the defense-related genes after Arabidopsis rabiei inoculation and exogenous treatment with SA and Me-JA.
Of the commanders sent to execute Operation 9000, as Egyptian war planners called the Yemen War, only General Talaat Hassan Ali, an Egyptian of Yemeni descent from the Bani Saand Tribe, had any real knowledge of Yemen.
Another two popular devices for designating vowel length used by the scribe are the doubling of a vocalic allograph, as in saand 'messenger' (OE sand) or faand 'to test' (OE fandian), and the use of the weak word-final <e> with the reference to the preceding open syllable nucleus (Mosse 1952 [1991]: 12).
A second SAAND compound, CP 461, is completing Phase Ib clinical safety testing in cancer patients.
Other than that, she will be seen sharing screen space with Taapsee Pannu in 'Saand Ki Aankh' which will hit theatres on Diwali.
Saleem Vohra, Rehmatullah Saand, Ikramuddin, Hameed Memon, Masroor Butt, Sarwar Bangash, Awais Khan and others who represented different unions and associations also spoke at the press conference.