SAANYSSchool Administrators' Association New York State
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SAANYS represents over 6,500 school administrators, supervisors, and coordinators.
As discussed between SAANYS Deputy Executive Director Kevin Casey and Assemblyman Steven Sander's office last week, it is the Education Department's responsibility to see that the Regents exams are developed and executed in a reasonable and fair manner.
SAANYS strongly believes that seniors who have met all other requirements for a Regents diploma should still be eligible to receive such a diploma if they have attained a course grade equivalent to the district's exam grade requirement for a Regents diploma.
SAANYS commends the Commissioner's decision to postpone any further administration of the Math A exam until January 2004 in order to allow a thorough analysis of this exam.
SAANYS looks forward to contributing to this process of assuring fair and reasonable expectations of our students.