SAAOSouth African Astronomical Observatory
SAAOSpecial Amenity Area Order (Ireland)
SAAOStaff Affirmative Action Office (University of California, Los Angeles)
SAAOState Army Aviation Officer (Army National Guard)
SAAOSouth African-American Organization (White Plains, NY)
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SAAO was lucky; it purchased the plans rather than the scope itself.
Other sites of historical interest include the Herschel Monument (Herschel School, Cape Town), the Transit of Venus site (Touwsrivier), Maclear's Beacon (Aurora, Western Cape), La Caille's Plaque (Strand Street, Cape Town), the old Royal Observatory (now SAAO, Cape Town), the Boyden Observatory Museum (Bloemfontein), the old Galpin Observatory Museum (Grahamstown), Hilltop Observatory (Haenertsburg), Johannesburg Observatory, and various ESO site testing locations (e.
HartRAO, SAAO, SA SKA and MeerKAT) or at universities.
In addition he had about 38 papers in The Astronomer and the SAAO Circulars as well as many items in the International Bulletin of Variables Stars, the IAU Circular sand the Journal of the British Astronomical Association including 18 in MNASSA.
com mid April, "Chasing Asteroid 1998 QE2" with SAAO astronomer Nicola Loaring in May 2013, and a short from a 2014 Mars Analog.
24-m UK Schmidt telescope operational at Siding Spring, Australia (1973) 40 Official opening of the Sutherland observing site of the SAAO (1973) 40 Skylab space station launched (1973) 30 IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) launched (1983) 30 EXOSAT (European X-ray Observatory Satellite) launched (1983) 20 VLBA (Very Long Baseline Array) begins operation (1993) 20 ASCA (Advanced Satellite for Cosmology and Astrophysics) launched (1993) Key: y.
The relevant correspondence can be found in the SAAO Archives volumes (see references below).
The source was monitored with the HIgh Speed Photo-Polarimter (HIPPO) of the SAAO and the SPOL imaging spectropolarimeter of the Steward Observatory between 2008 and 2013.
Persons interested in observing the Sun are invited to contact the ASSA Secretary, c/o SAAO, PO Box 9, Observatory, 7935.
This year's Annual General Meeting of the ASSA was held in Auditorium of the SAAO, Cape Town on 7 August 2013 where the following reports were presented.
Venue: Auditorium, SAAO, Observatory Rd, Observatory, at 20:00.
Valuable discussions with Shireen Davis-Evans, SAAO Librarian, has helped clarify the way forward.