SAAPSupported Accommodation Assistance Program (Australia)
SAAPSociety for the Advancement of American Philosophy
SAAPState Aid Action Plan (EU)
SAAPSports Authority of Andhra Pradesh
SAAPSoftware as a Product
SAAPSingle Aircraft Accident Prevention
SAAPSunflower Army Ammunition Plant (Lawrence, KS)
SAAPSelective Aortic Arch Perfusion
SaaPService as a Product (various organizations)
SAAPScranton Army Ammunition Plant (US Army)
SAAPSt. Augustine Academy of Pampanga (Philippines)
SAAPSecurity Analysis and Action Programs (US TSA)
SAAPSpin Adapted Antisymmetrized Product
SAAPSafety Assessment and Accident Prevention
SAAPSample, Acquisition, Analysis, and Preservation (NASA program)
SAAPSmart Antenna Array Processing
SAAPSociété Anonyme des Automobiles Peugeot (French automobile company)
SAAPSerum Amyloid A Protein
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The state government in its SAAP said that the overall trend shows that there is sufficient availability of water supply in most of the AMRUT cities.
AIHW (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare) (2011) Government-funded specialist homelessness services: SAAP National Data Collection annual report 2010-11: Australia, Cat.
Twenty-five adults (including five parents, eight care and protection workers, seven SAAP workers and five community-based workers) also participated in semi-structured interviews.
The NAHA will combine the base funding for SAAP, as well as funding for public, community and other housing programs previously funded under the Commonwealth State Housing Agreement (CSHA).
Initially, SAAP analysis employed both equal geographic distances between each of five distance classes and equal numbers of pairwise comparisons in each distance class.
The government-commissioned reports of the National Evaluations of SAAP are significant because they were intended to provide the evidential basis for the next iteration of the program.
Option Three, by contrast, proposes the enhancement of mainstream services as an alternative to an expansion in the role of SAAP providers, while limiting SAAP's role to crisis accommodation.
They are just two of the 24 regional SAAP winners honored today in a ceremony at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.
Members in the SAAP pay no royalties, licensing, or annual fees.
AIHW (2011a) Government-funded Specialist Homelessness Services: SAAP National Data Collection Annual Report 2009-10: Australia, Cat.
This was stated by the newly elected Vice Chairman, SAAP Friends Club, Farrukh Kaleem here in a Special meeting of SAAP Friends Club.
1) The last national evaluation of SAAP found that there would need to be a 35-40% increase in funding to meet unmet demand, and allow services to better support their clients to achieve independent living following a period of support.