SAAPSSpacecraft Anomaly Analysis and Prediction System
SAAPSSouth African Association of Paediatric Surgeons (South Africa)
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This second issue for 2008 was planned not only as the launch issue but also to come out in time for the historic combined and parallel congress(es) of various local child health groups: SAPA, the South African Paediatric Association; ALLSA, the Allergy Society of South Africa; PANDA, the Paediatric Neurology and Developmental Association of Southern Africa; SAAPS, the South African Association of Paediatric Surgeons; and SACCSG, the South African Children's Cancer Study Group.
The proposed statement would provide an exemption for CPAs from the requirements of SAAPS no.
This was brought home to me when I evaluated an intercollegiate exit examination at the Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool in 2005, as an 'outside observer' on behalf of SAAPS.