SAAQSociete de l'Assurance Automobile du Québec (Canada)
SAAQState Aviation Activities Questionnaire
SAAQSecurity Audit And Questionnaire (Security Pros)
SAAQSignal-Averaged Acoustic Quantification
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Reportedly, RAMQ delivers 2.3 million healthcare cards to citizens and the SAAQ provides 1.7 million driver's license and identity cards through production with Gemalto.
The head officer of the SAAQ presented his opinion before the parliamentarians for more than an hour.
Nous resumons ici quelques resultats d'un rapport des memes auteurs soumis a la Societe d'Assurance Automobile du Quebec (SAAQ) (Thouez et al 2002).
the pension fund of provincial government employees and the budget allowance of the Commission de la sante et de la securite du travail (CSST, formerly known as the Quebec Workmen's Compensation Commission) and of the Societe de l'assurance-automobile du Quebec (SAAQ, formerly known as the Quebec Motor Vehicle Bureau), which now total $125 billion.
Following the experience of a new kind of divine-action-for-deliverance in history, Moses' rag-tag band of Exodus people entered that small buffer state between Egypt and Assyria, bearing witness to an unheard of kind of God, who listens to the cry (saaq) not primarily of the kings and rulers but of slaves and sojourners and op pressed little people (Exod.
Rashid Towaim al Marri was third with Chupa Chups 12 as the pair finished their round in 59.51 secs, which fetched the rider QR4500 In the Medium Tour 120/130 cm class, Mohammed Taleb al Saaq piloted Diamond Delemma to victory.
The conference which will be held at SAAQ Museum Hall will be addressed by Senior Minister LG and RD Inayatullah, Prof.