SAASASouth Asian American Student Alliance (est. 2002)
SAASASouth African Amateur Space Administration (est. 2003)
SAASAStudents Acting Against Sexual Assault
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The novel 'Saasa' is a tale of widening civilization and economic divides is the first tremendous effort of young writer Dr Muhammad Sheraz Dasti.
Saasa said Dubai is the only home for his community members, who have been in the UAE for 60 years.
The Social Anxiety and Avoidance Scale for Adolescents (SAASA; Cunha et al., 2004) aims to assess the discomfort and avoidance level in a wide range of social situations representative of the most frequent social fears in adolescents (Cunha et al., 2004; Cunha, Pinto-Gouveia, & Salvador, 2007, Cunha et al., 2008).
Saasa, Oliver with Carlsson Jerker (2002): "Aid and Poverty Reduction in Zambia" Sida/Nordiska Afrikaininstituet
En tales circunstancias, propuestas iniciales poco ambiciosas, centradas en acuerdos de cooperacion limitados a una serie de sectores, y con un aparato burocratico-administrativo de bajo coste presupuestario, han sido vistas con buenos ojos por diversos analistas (Robson, 1987, Saasa, 1991, Ostergaard, 1993, Radelet, 1997).
Malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS rates are the highest in the world, as are infant mortality and malnutrition (see Saasa 2002).
As demonstrated by Wilson, Saasa, Olson, and Bramley, several models have potential to explain decision making by elected officials.
An army unit killed a number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in a special operation that targeted their hideouts in the villages of Hassno and al-Maqrousa in the vicinity of Saasa town in the southwestern countryside of Damascus.
Meantime, an army unit killed tens of terrorists and injured dozens more near the town of Saasa in the southwestern countryside of Damascus.
In the southwestern countryside of Damascus, an army targeted dens and gatherings of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists to the west of Saasa town.