SAASSSchool of Advanced Air and Space Studies (Air Force master's degree program at Air University, Maxwell AFB, Alabama)
SAASSStudent-Athlete Academic Support Services
SAASSSociology, Anthropology & Applied Social Sciences (University of Glasgow academic department)
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Because modern war is a thinking person's game, and SAASS teaches people to think.
Finally, SAASS students benefit from socialization in seminar manners, reading, writing, and research.
Of note, SAASS grows its own military faculty members by sending two of its more promising students off for PhDs each year.
In fact, 5 years after graduation, the thesis is viewed as the most valuable and enduring exercise of the SAASS experience.
At the end of the day, SAASS theses are the second most important product of the school, falling behind only the graduates.
SAASS is, after all, an education for the remainder of a career, and the program is almost completely devoid of training for specific staff, planning, or command jobs.
7) The Air Force redesignated SAAS as SAASS in 2002.
The Air Force originally intended SAASS as an airpower school, but its charter to produce advanced warfare strategists drives a largely service-neutral curriculum--graduates develop joint strategies realized by using the full range of war-fighting capabilities across the air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace domains.
Adding an appropriate level of theoretical and engineering depth to SAASS not only would prove very expensive (e.
The service decided to include material about space in the SAASS curriculum and to keep air and space officers together in the same program.
Following the model of SAASS, a centralized process should competitively select officers from a pool of volunteers.
Commanders can readily locate SAASS graduates, but we need to increase the number of officers with extensive doctrine knowledge, coupled with an understanding of local language and culture.