SAASSSchool of Advanced Air and Space Studies (Air Force master's degree program at Air University, Maxwell AFB, Alabama)
SAASSStudent-Athlete Academic Support Services
SAASSSociology, Anthropology & Applied Social Sciences (University of Glasgow academic department)
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The school's faculty members, all of whom hold a PhD and have earned recognition for their academic achievements, offer SAASS students extraordinary guidance.
b]--There is a statistically significant difference in the CT skills of ACSC and SAASS students.
It is a tribute to the rigorous liberal education imposed by the superb SAASS faculty that the thesis topics often appear offbeat and challenge traditional ways of doing business.
2) At SAASS, military, political, and organizational theories form the hypotheses, and history and experience the cross examination.
This article is a condensed version of his SAASS thesis.
In a typical SAASS year, a student will write at least 10 essays of 10 pages each and a thesis of 60-100 pages, all extensively critiqued by the mentor, adviser, and reader.
He holds an MPA degree from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, a Master of Military Strategy from SAASS, and is a PhD candidate studying the ethics of cyber warfare.
Prior to attending SAASS, he served as an Air Force Fellow / Strategic Policy Intern assigned to the Directorate of Operations, Plans and Requirements, Headquarters US Air Force, Washington, DC.
At the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies (SAASS), she received the Commandant's Award for Best SAASS Thesis on Leadership and Ethics for "Femme Fatale: An Examination of the Role of Women in Combat and the Policy Implications for Future American Military Operations," her master's thesis.
1) I propose that the Air Force create a two-year professional military education (PME) path consisting of ACSC followed by AFIT's cyber warfare program, paralleling the current path of ACSC followed by SAASS.