SAATISubstance Abuse and Alcoholism Training Institute (New York, NY)
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Al Watan Society members who have confirmed their candidacy for parliament are Mr Al Saati (Northern Governorate constituency six - A'ali); Al Safar Group chairman Adel Al Saffar (Capital Governorate constituency five - Bilad Al Qadeem, Zinj, Salmaniya, Segaiya, Mahooz and Abu Asheera); Golden Trust president Dr Lulwa Al Mutlaq (Capital Governorate constituency 10 - West Eker, Sanad and South Isa Town); Bader Al Hammadi (Muharraq Governorate constituency seven - Arad); and Mariam Al Jowder (Muharraq Governorate constituency one - Busaiteen).
Ameliyathane hemsirelerinin bireysel ozellikleri ile kas iskelet sistemi agrisi varligi arasindaki iliskiyi gosteren bulgular incelendiginde; kas iskelet sistemi agrisi olan hemsirelerin yas ortalamasinin 28.82 [+ or -] 5.85, haftalik calisma saatinin 46.78 [+ or -] 8.90 oldugu; yas ortalamasi dusuk ve haftalik calisma saati uzun olan hemsirelerde kas iskelet sistemi agrilarinin istatistiksel olarak anlamli duzeyde daha fazla goruldugu saptandi (p<0.01).
First accredited Ambassador of Bahrain for BiH Ahmed al Saati said that enhancement of economic cooperation and further development of bilateral relations will be priority during his mandate in BiH.
'We realise our shrinking Gujarati readership, hence so many publications in both Urdu and English, too,' Usman sahib's son and editor of Vatan Mag Shahid Saati smiles while nodding.
Al Baqali said: "We were honoured to welcome Gaplikov and Al Saati. Such visits help us to share our company's success story on many fronts as well as promote the business-friendly environment of Bahrain."
Abdul-Elah Saati, member of the Shura Council, who will serve as a guide for the visiting delegation; Russian ambassador to the Kingdom Sergei Kozlov and senior protocol officials.
Bahraini Ambassador to Moscow Ahmad Al Saati said that visits by King Hamad Bin Eisa Al Khalifa and Crown Prince Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa to Russia have strengthened bilateral relations and boosted cooperation in all areas.
The program called "Military Hour" (Ordu Saati) published in the Turkish radio was full of references to the attempt of normalization of the military understanding.
Pazartesi New York saati ile BM Genel Merkezi'nde baE-layan toplantyya, BMGK E-yesi 15 E-lke ile Almanya, yran daimi temsilcileri de katyldy.
Head of the National Union of Syrian Students(NUSS), Dr.Ammar Saati said "65 years ago, and in a small school, students gathered chaired by the student Hafez al-Assad and took decisions, depicting their future...the founder then transformed words into action to commence the students' process".
Gece nobetlerinde yenidogan icin kuvoz bulmak kac "telefon saati"ne mal oluyordu hatirlamak bile istemiyorum.
Kalimat will also be making use of the opportunity of introducing its most recent titles to the international market and promote Emirati children's books, which include Ouhibou Alami (I Love My World) by Kifah Bu Ali, Kayfa Sirtou Koubaat Souf,(How I Became A Wool Hat) by Salma Koraytem, Rihlat Dana (Dana's Trip) by Salha Ghabish, Saati Al Zahriya (My Pink Watch) by Fatima Sharafeddine, Hina Yashtahi Al Jamalou Al Lougaymat (When the Camel Craves Dumplings) by Maitha Al Khayyat.