SAAWSexual Assault Awareness Week
SAAWSociety for the Advancement of Animal Wellbeing
SAAWStand As A Witness (band)
SAAWSociety of Australian Ancients Wargamers
SAAWSport Association of Arab Women
SAAWStop Accidents at Work (work safety consultancy; England, UK)
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1] (saturation between 20% and 25%) were maintained between February and mid-May, in the SAAW layer, with an average salinity of 33.
Salam is an exception of sale contract and it is allowed by the Prophet SAAW specifically for farmers.
This model will also provide new dimensions to traders and financiers by devising a Shari'ah compliant model which is being practiced from the times of Prophet SAAW and is approved by him.
SAAW includes an expo, workshops, local factory tours and match-making meetings.
1999), zooplankton (Palma & Aravena, 1999) and jellyfish were registered in the areas with higher contribution of SAAW to the interior region through the western mouth of the Magellan Strait and the numerous oceanic channels (i.
Part of the SAAW near the coast enters at subsurface depths (see below) to the ISCh through a narrow 2 km, 150 m deep channel (Chacao Channel, 42[degrees]S) to the north of Chiloe Island, and the Guafo Passage (43.
The Corcovado Gulf connects with the Pacific Ocean through the Guafo Passage, where the SAAW mixes with fresh waters coming from rivers, generating a lower salinity water mass (31 to 33, Silva et al.
Prior recorded abundances of salps in the ISCh were usually low, probably limiting a successful reproduction, which leads to assume that the intrusion of SAAW might have transported an already developed outbreak into the ISCh.
There is however some hints from remote atmospheric anomalies that occurred during the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 which might have been partially responsible for the build-up of this scenario which favors the intrusion of SAAW into the northern ISCh.
Such latitudinal variation may be associated to the constant entrance of SAAW that mixes with the EW, causing less vertical stability in the water column of the northern sector (Boca del Guafo, Corcovado Gulf and northern area of the Moraleda Channel) (Silva & Guzman, 2006), and a higher stability in the southern zone (Aysen and Elefantes fjords), where the continental freshwater input is higher.
This species was gathered at the stations remote from the influence of the SAAW, and presented its maximums at the Aysen Fjord, under 50 m thus avoiding the low salinity EW superficial layer.
2 bits) was recorded at the Moraleda Channel, which receives a regular supply of SAAW from the adjacent Pacific, thus promoting the entry of oceanic species not common in interior waters, thus increasing their diversity, confirming the results by Palma & Rosales (1997) and Palma et al.