SAAYServices and Advocacy for Asian Youth Consortium (San Francisco, CA)
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Their plan upon arriving was to go to the White Island but since it was already afternoon, they decided to go to Saay,' he said.
At a dance practice studio in Bangbae-dong, southern Seoul, last week, SAAY told The Korea Times she was able to find her identity by looking back on her childhood ?
Awais Iqbal Niazi stole the night with his songs 'Jaanan', 'Raday Gul', 'Jugnoon Saay Bherlain Anchal', and Medley.
Thus, the day in examples hagha pen day, hagha saay day, hagha gul day, day Saleem Saleem's', day ma of me/ mine', etc.
Gilani has even written about Aishwarya Rai in his book Chah-e-Yousuf Saay Sada.
It suffices to compare it with the rhythmic formula of "MBaru Bouki" which is very popular among wrestlers: "Ndat Saay, Ndat Saay, Reguin!, 1 2 3 4 5 6 Reguin, Reguin, Ndat Saay 1 2 3 4 5 6 Six measures.
The popular rapper will be performing with fellow hip-hop artist SAAY with a one-night show dubbed as 'DEANTRBL x SAAY.'
KARACHI -- By the grace of Almighty Allah Meezan Bank win "Together celebrate 71 Independence day with the spirit of Riba Saay Azadi Cup-2018" against Pakistan Refinery Limited (PRL) by 6 wickets.
This larger DP has all its uninterpretable features satisfied except the [uCase] feature of the nominal saay. So technically this DP cannot stand on its own (is exposed to the danger of collapse in the minimalist terms) unless it is part of some clause etc.
Arshad Malik author of the book Andheron Saay Aagay was working.
They have assured us to solve this issue within 15 days," said Manohar Saay, a villager.
The same is the case with tawaf and saay (walking between Safa and Marwah).