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SABCSouth African Broadcasting Corporation
SABCShrewsbury & Atcham Borough Council
SABCSelf-Aid Buddy Care
SABCSouthern Asia Bible College (Bangalore, India)
SABCSociety of American Bayonet Collectors
SABCStand and Be Counted
SABCSouthern American Bulldog Coalition
SABCSouth Australian Brewing Company
SABCSmall Appliance Branch Circuit
SABCSebsprint Alfa Boxer Corporation (French online car forum)
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It also smoothly interfaces with our airtime sales system and our transmission system, creating a flexible information backbone for SABC.
Former prisoners and human-rights groups have spoken of the poor conditions in Zimbabwe's prisons but this is the first such footage to be released, which Nare, the SABC producer, hopes will engender assistance.
A DA spokesperson said that the bill had now been amended to make a proper enquiry mandatory before SABC board members could be summarily dismissed.
In April, the SABC cut The Current's allocation to zero from its 2002-03 allocation of $38,200.
SABC is just one of dozens of different types of groups with the lofty goal of strengthening ties between Australia and its Asian neighbours.
The government's broadcast arm, SABC, owns the other three television networks and all of the national radio networks.
While the National Party never won more than 55 percent of the vote in a time when only whites could vote, the Nats were able to exercise absolute control of SABC appointments under a winner-take-all arrangement.
We should therefore wait for the finalisation of the process before making any further comments, save to say that this deal has been signed in July 2013, which we believe was done in terms of prevailing statutes which govern the operations of the SABC.
Our eLearning material aims at moving beyond only augmenting what happens in the classroom, to transforming the way education is practised," - so says Christina Watson, CEO of Via Afrika, leading South African publisher and silver sponsor at the upcoming SABC Education African Eduweek at the Gallagher Convention Centre next week.
President Jacob Zuma and high-ranking members of the ANC had visited Mandela at his Houghton home earlier in the day, accompanied by the SABC, who released "exclusive" footage of the visit, News24 reports.