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SABCASociété Anonyme Belge de Constructions Aéronautiques (Belgian aviation company)
SABCAStudent American Black Chiropractic Association (various schools)
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Established in 2009, Strata is currently a supplier for the Airbus A330 and the A380 programmes and is preparing to begin supplying to SABCA on the A350 XWB programme for Airbus, as well as to Boeing on the 777 and 787 programmes.
It is worth reflecting on the approaches of the SABCA and SANSA projects to identify what does produce tangible change (Young 2010).
Quest recently signed deals with SABCA, of Belgium, to make metal parts and assemblies for Airbus A350XWB flap tracks and with Magellan Aerospace to make aeroengine components and subassemblies.
SABCA will help manufacture some parts of the aircraft, though the specifics of the contract were not disclosed, Xinhua News Agency reported.
With regard to the Carapace, the system will enter full-scale production during 1993, with ship sets being installed in Belgian F-16s by the in-country contractor SABCA.
It has recently been adapted to and launched from a F-16 as part of a programme jointly conducted by Matra, General Dynamics and the Belgian F-16 licensee SABCA.