SABCOSouth Australian Brush Company
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With the government's full support, we achieve our objectives of serving as an avenue to help meet rising sector demands and provide proper information about trends, challenges, issues, market policies, and trade and investment opportunities both in Oman and in the region," said Eihab Abutaha, CEO for Communications of SABCO Group.
Bob Sulier of SABCO gave a technical presentation on kegs.
Team SABCO and I definitely have some unfinished business to settle on a road course, especially at Sears Point,'' Kendall said.
The governor was accompanied by dignitaries and guests headed by the executives of the SABCO Group, embassy officials, members of the diplomatic corps, and top officials of leading construction companies.
Miller, $1,500; Carol Reaves, president of SABCO's Stephens Security Bank, $115,000; SABCO II, $240,000; SABCO Air, $1(3,000; and SABCO Farms, $35,000.
I don't want people working for SABCO Racing for the money.
42 BellSouth Team SABCO Chevrolet, it will also bear both the BellSouth and BellSouth Mobility (Nemechek's Busch Series sponsor) names.
He is a member of the SABCO Group of Companies, a family owned business operation already entering its third generation.
Teague, $250,000 8% 3/15/03 Chevrolet, Sheridan * Secretary of SABCO ** Stephens Security Bank, one of two banks owned by Smith Associated Banking Corp.
These include Smith, $305,000; his father, Guy Smith of Stephens, $230,000; SABCO II, $240,000; his son, Buck Smith, $116,500; his daughter, Courtney Miller, $1,500; Carol Reaves, president of Stephens Security Bank; SABCO Farms, $35,000; and SABCO Air, $10,000.
42 Joe Nemechek/Team SABCO, NASCAR Busch Series No.
Smith, SABCO and known associates received more than $1 million of those disbursements.