SABCSSan Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
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Updated data regarding Xoft IORT will also be revealed in a poster presentation during SABCS by Alam M.
A further study of stage I-II Hormone receptor positive/Her2 negative breast cancer to be presented at SABCS has data suggesting that women with the aggressive, Luminal B form of the disease might benefit the most from treatment on eribulin which induces a luminal A phenotype.
The performance of AIs continues to form a major part of the SABCS meeting.
Additionally, results from three GE Healthcare-sponsored studies will be presented at SABCS 2012:
Agendia's studies to be presented at the SABCS further establish the broad predictive and prognostic power of MammaPrint, the only FDA-cleared breast cancer recurrence test available to patients and physicians.
The upcoming SABCS presentation, titled "Global quantitative measures using next-generation sequencing for breast cancer presence outperform individual tumor markers in plasma," (Abstract P4-02-08) will take place on Friday, December 12, 7:30 C 9 a.
About SABCS The SABCS is one of the largest annual symposium in the world devoted to breast cancer research and physician education.
Data from new combination strategies presented at SABCS includes the latest findings on Afinitor (everolimus) in HR+ and HER2+ advanced or metastatic breast cancer[sup.
The Brinker awardees will deliver the 2006 Komen Foundation's Brinker Award for Scientific Distinction plenary lectures on their work on the opening day of SABCS, Dec.
The new analysis presented at SABCS focused on the gastrointestinal and cardiovascular safety profiles of neratinib seen in this study.
We are pleased to share the successful impact our decision support tools can have on clinical practice with our colleagues at SABCS.
75 years in patients randomized to initial therapy with either tamoxifen or Aromasin (presented at SABCS 2008)