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SABDSociété Ambaresienne des Bois et Dérivés (French: Ambaresienne Company of Wood and Derivatives)
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Four of the five fathers of the SABD adolescents were Caucasian; the remaining father's ethnic background was Native American.
The group of fathers of the SABD adolescents included one father with a community college education and two fathers with post graduate training.
The mothers of the SABD adolescents rated all but one variable (affective expression) to be from .
During the problem-solving segment of the family assessment, it was possible to evaluate various aspects of family communication and to compare and contrast the interaction styles of the families of the normal and the SABD adolescents.
They interrupted less often than did the fathers of the SABD adolescents, but seemed to offer more compromises and suggestions during the dyadic interactions.
The mothers of the normal adolescents expressed less disapproval in their dyadic interactions than did the mothers of the SABD adolescents.
The normal adolescents were less verbal than the SABD adolescents during dyadic interactions.
Although unable to imply that any of the characteristics noted in this study represent definite distinctions between families of normal adolescents and families of SABD adolescents, several trends were noted with respect to the three areas addressed.
In terms of the degree of family satisfaction of these two groups of families, this study reflected a rather clear trend that family members of normal adolescents rated their families as relatively healthy, while family members of the SABD adolescents rated their families as dysfunctional in all major areas of family life.
This study also suggests that there may be a trend in terms of differences between families of normal adolescents and SABD adolescents with respect to problem-solving skills and communication styles.