SABECSouthern Appalachian Biodiversity and Ecology Center (Western Carolina University; North Carolina)
SABECSouthern African Book Exchange Centre (Pretoria, South Africa)
SABECSweden Asia Business Education Center (Stockholm, Sweden)
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InsideCounsel recently sat down with Sabec who shed some light on this news in an exclusive interview.
According to Sabec, Rightscorp used the capital it raised in October 2014 to improve its system that ingests copyrights so that more infringements have been found on more copyrights leading to an increase rate of closed cases.
"We are firing on all cylinders and have been able to consistently generate growth on many of our operational metrics," explained Sabec. "The latest count includes more than 1,000 cases closed on the Comcast and Google Fiber networks, which control the largest markets in the U.S.
In the United States, that gap no longer exists, yet according to Cisco peer-to-peer file sharing will grow by 40 percent through 2018," said Sabec.
There are rarely any sanctions for copyright infringement except where ISPs work with Rightscorp or the few rightsholders that bring lawsuits, the status quo has been that if you take or distribute movies, television shows, music, software or books, nothing happens to you, according to Sabec. Until 2012, search engines added the words "free" and "torrent" to nearly every content search.
This description is similar to negative self-stereotypes that Slovenes generally hold about themselves (see Musek, 1994; Sabec, 2006).
As noted in the State of the Art Report, the number of inhabitants who declared their mother tongue to be Italian was greater than the number of people who declared Italian ethnic affiliation (3,882 and 3,762 in 1991 and 2002 respectively) and has not changed in total proportions (0.2% of total population in 1991 and 2002) (Sabec, 2005).
Though elements of minority protection were in place soon after World War II, the whole system was more or less completed only by the mid-1980s (Sabec, 2005: 25).
This is the highest guarantee against possible attempts by representatives of the national majority to force directives on the ethnic communities to which they do not consent (Sabec, 2005).
Often, people from the inland part of the country, with no knowledge of Italian and no awareness of the bilingual character of the coastal region, are installed in the public administration of bilingual territories (Sabec, 2005).
Geoff, 62, a retired process supervisor with Sabec on the Wilton site, said: "It's just something we like doing.
Tony, 42, a dad-of-two, who now works for SABEC in Wilton, still enters the marsh into a bi-annual competition run by the British Trust for Ornithology, called the Business Bird Challenge 2002.