SABIPStrategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property (UK)
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This was referred to by SABIP in their report Strategic Priorities in Copyright (SABIP, 2009b) as the Paradigm Shift.
Embodying these into concrete proposals for reform SABIP in [c] the Way ahead.
Despite the UK Gowers Review aiming for a system of copyright that is fair and balanced and this aim being subsequently repeated by SABIP in [c] the Way ahead.
Only now is there an effort to quantify the economic aspects of intellectual property (SABIP, 2009c and 2010).
Most recently SABIP have posed the question Does stronger or weaker IP protection result in more or less innovation?
Digital Consumers in the Online Age (SABIP, 2009a) has not aided the process of determining loss (if any) and any corresponding benefits.
Strategic Advisory Board on Intellectual Property SABIP (2009a) Copycats?
Strategic Advisory Board on Intellectual Property (SABIP) (2009b) Strategic Priorities in Copyright (SABIP) March 2009.
David Lammy, Minister for Intellectual Property, said: "As SABIP's report shows, illegal downloading robs our economy of millions of pounds every year and seriously damages business and innovation throughout the UK.
The functions of SABIP will pass to the Intellectual Property Office, while the operations of the other bodies will be taken over by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).