SABLScanning Aerosol Backscatter Lidar (scientific instrument)
SABLStand Alone Battery Lock
SABLSouth Australian Baseball League (Australia)
SABLSustainable Agriculture, Biodiversity and Livelihoods (various universities)
SABLSingapore Association in Belgium and Luxembourg
SABLSequence and Batch Language
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Capella Systems' SABL is a feature of the company's Cambria FTC encoder, which I tested in a review you can read at
The ancient historian Solinus wrote about him, that his racing track touch in deep sand stadium was so light and fast that he even left no trace (V Sabl, 1968, p.
Sabl said regulated industries and companies that have had compliance problems are particularly interested in having lawyers on their boards.
The contrasting brand strategies of SABL in an urban (South African township) setting have been examined in detail by Anne Kelk Mager (2010).
Barry Divers, prosecuting, said that figure represented McQui l lan's "rea l i sabl e assets".
A la hora de pensar en lo que los politicos deberian hacer y en las cualidades de caracter que les ayudarian para llevarlas a cabo concurren intuiciones que entran en conflicto entre si (SABL, 2002, p.
In the second part, with contributions of David Heyd, Kathryn Abrams and Andrew Sabl, the position of toleration as a political and moral virtue in both theory and practice is analyzed.
Again the flavours were strong but not sickly, the parfait finished with a blackcurrant "crackling." There was praise too for the hot dark chocolate fondant with honeycomb ice cream and a sabl biscuit.
In both fields, serious scholarly attention is again being paid to the character and ethics of political leaders (Miller 2002, 2008; Pfiffner 2004; Sabl 2002).
(350.) See BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, in AUTOBIOGRAPHY AND OTHER WRITINGS 3, 112-13 (Kenneth Silverman ed., 1986) (taking as a personal maxim, "I shall never ask, never refuse, nor ever resign an Office"); ANDREW SABL, RULING PASSIONS: POLITICAL OFFICES AND DEMOCRATIC ETHICS 145 (2002) (arguing that the unique virtue of the legislator is "love of fame"--that is, "the determination to engage in 'extensive and arduous enterprises for the public good'").
Just Elections: A Response to Professors Cain, Garrett, and Sabl, 4