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But Sabor knew well the wondrous quickness of the jungle folk and their almost unbelievable powers of hearing.
So far as the ape was concerned, Sabor reasoned correctly.
So the scream of Sabor, the lioness, galvanized the brain and muscles of little Tarzan into instant action.
It was his nose that first discovered the approach of Sabor, the lioness, when the wind shifted for a moment.
Now he heard Sabor in the bushes to his rear, but not yet too close.
Tarzan knew better for he had seen Numa and Sabor stoop even to carrion.
"Numa, and Sabor his mate, feast upon those who descend first and look afterward, while those who look first and descend afterward live to feast themselves." Thus the old ape imparted to the son of Tarzan the boy's first lesson in jungle lore.
While you are avoiding Numa do not run into the jaws of Sabor, his mate.
As he swung upon a great limb Numa, the lion, and Sabor, the lioness, passed beneath him, side by side, and Sabor leaned against the lion and bit playfully at his cheek.
Even the proud male bird, with his gay plumage, bore a close resemblance to his quieter spouse, while Numa, but for his shaggy mane, was almost a counterpart of Sabor, the lioness.
Had Numa, or Sabor, or Sheeta, or any other beast of the jungle been seeking to destroy him, the ape-man would have danced about hurling missiles and invectives at his assailant.
Here of a night might always be found either Sabor or Numa crouching in the dense foliage of the surrounding jungle awaiting an antelope or a water buck for their meal.