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"He told us that he had withdrawn the report and placed the girls in a safe place," Sabq quoted the father as saying.
Sabq reported that the canal would be dug by Egyptian companies using experience gained in the construction of the Suez Canal and would take around a year to complete.
The princes were transferred to the high-security Ha'ir prison in the capital "ahead of their trial", Sabq said, citing unnamed sources.
Sabq reports the princes were demanding financial compensation from a judgment involving a cousin and demanding the reversal of a decision to suspend payments for royals' water and electricity bills.
"They were informed of the error of their demands, but they refused to leave Qasr al-Hokm," Sabq said, quoting unidentified sources.
'Sabq' also quoted Emir Mansour bin Saad Al Saud, director of the strategic planning at the state Saudi Industrial Development Fund, who is Prince Abdul Rahman's grandson, as saying:"I was born and brought up in this place.
The Ramadan before last, Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Razek was in luck when Lebanese singer Elissa sang the theme tune for her TV series "Ma'a Sabq Israr" (With Prior Insistence).
The passengers were deeply shocked when they found themselves at the airport in the Red Sea city instead of the international airport in the Saudi capital, Saudi news site Sabq reported on Sunday.
According to the local news site Sabq, the money was stolen by someone at the scene of the accident while rescue efforts were going on for the young man.
The arrest was made in the main Tahlia Street where al-Khayyal was waving banners marked "Free Hug" in English, according to news website
Two men and one woman died in the floods caused by the rains on Saturday, a civil defence official was quoted as saying in Saudi news site Sabq, adding that the search was ongoing for those reported missing.