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SABRSociety for American Baseball Research
SABRSneak Attack by Roger (Roger Federer; tennis)
SABRScalable Agile Beam Radar (active electronically scanned array; Northrup Grumman)
SABRSelectable Assault Battle Rifle
SABRSeacoast Area Bike Routes (Portsmouth, NH)
SABRSpace Age Body Refreshment (beauty equipment)
SABRStereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (radiation treatment)
SABRSpecial Assessment Baseline Review
SABRSet Asynchronous Balanced Mode Extended
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Of course SABR itself is a large part of that story, too, and the generations of SABRen, old and new, who have been threads in that tapestry.
Northrop Grummans SABR system design leverages proven, fifth-generation Active Electronically Scanned Array radar capabilities of the AN/APG-77 on the F-22 Raptor and the AN/APG-81 on the F-35 Lightening II.
SABR is a treatment of choice for those with limited volume tumors and is used on different parts of the body, including the thorax, head and neck, liver, adrenals abdomen, pelvis, bone and prostate.
The group reported it delivered more than 25 effective solutions to some of the most substantial and difficult environmental and societal challenges in several countries over the last seven years, thus field-proving the SABR process.
Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR) has been used to treat hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) with minimal toxicity and sustained local control (LC).
In this review, we discuss the current radiotherapy standards, where SABR has been studied and its potential role and challenges as a definitive treatment in early-stage breast cancer.
The lung dose-volume guidelines in SABR are different to those used in conventional radiation therapy mostly because of the large difference in dose/fractionation used for SABR treatments [8].
Earth Sustaining Sciences, in partnership with the Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute, has demonstrated their Symbiotic Aquatic BioReactor (SABR) process ability to immediately ameliorate the red mud issue delivering all-natural neutralization and rehabilitation advancement.
It has two strands: one which compares surgery with the targeted five sessions of higher dose stereotactic (SABR) radiotherapy and a second which compares conventional radiotherapy with SABR.
The board of directors of Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR) has declared a quarterly dividend of USD0.13 per share, the company said.
(NASDAQ: SABR) has closed its acquisition of the Trust Group of Companies, a central reservations, revenue management and hotel marketing provider with a significant presence in EMEA and Asia Pacific, Sabre said.
The Yemeni army and popular forces' advances in Ta'iz resulted in the withdrawal of Saudi troops and Al-Qaeda terrorists from Jbal Sabr (Sabr Mountain) strategic region in Yemen's coastal province.