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SABRSociety for American Baseball Research
SABRScalable Agile Beam Radar (active electronically scanned array; Northrup Grumman)
SABRSelectable Assault Battle Rifle
SABRSeacoast Area Bike Routes (Portsmouth, NH)
SABRStereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (radiation treatment)
SABRSpecial Assessment Baseline Review
SABRSet Asynchronous Balanced Mode Extended
SABRSpace Age Body Refreshment (beauty equipment)
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Provincial officials confirmed that the aircraft was exploded in Hasban area of Sabr region.
SABR is a new type of radiotherapy which allows the targeting of cancers with a high degree of accuracy, minimising radiation dose and so minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissue.
Geoffrey Proudlock who |has undergone the pioneering SABR treatment
As well as being more effective than conventional radiotherapy, SABR is also much more convenient for patients as it is delivered in three to five treatments compared to the 20 to 30 of conventional radiotherapy.
SABR uses scans and specialist equipment to precisely target radiotherapy to destroy cancer cells accurately.
MoU between BCCI and Kazakh's National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, signed by Mr Almoayed and Kazakh Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Yessimbekov Sabr.
However, it is not yet known what the most appropriate dose of SABR is to effectively treat those with more advanced early-stage lung cancer.
Sabr Yessimbekov, President Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and will be attended by a number of businessmen and investors from Dubai and Kazakhstan.
The briefing session scheduled on September 11 at the chamber premises will be presided over by Hamad Buamim, director-general, Dubai Chamber, with high profile guests including Askar Mussinov, Kazakhstan Ambassador to the UAE and Sabr Yessimbekov, president Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and will be attended by a number of businessmen and investors from Dubai andKazakhstan.
All Iraqi governments have continued lying to Iraqis," Lamyaa Sabr from al-Karada neighborhood in central Baghdad said.
When contacted, Principal of college Farrukh Sabr Masoomi told reporter that the college had two bores for water and one of the bore has run dry and CDA is also not helping the situation as water coming from their side is not enough to meet needs of students.
In the current paper, he describes a design called SABR (for Sub-critical Advanced Burner Reactor), a 3000 MWth sodium-cooled tokamak of the ITER type.