SABRSStandard Accounting, Budgeting and Reporting System
SABRSSpace Atmospheric Burst Reporting System
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Currently, FSA leverages the SABRS Management Analysis Retrieval Tool, where customized reports can be created specific to any data they may need.
Trends and Impacts: While reviewing the KPI data for all the Navy commands on SABRS, our Operations and Systems Integration Support (OASIS) team has uncovered several issues/problems that were creating an unnecessary increase in the volume of transactions in the Abnormal Accounts Payable and Outstanding Refund Receivable KPIs.
Navy FMP SABRS OASIS support of the BSOs has implemented standardized KPIs, which serve as a benchmarking tool for each BSO Comptroller and Navy leadership to easily identify issues and proactively manage towards the desired end state of financial statements that obtain clean audit opinions.
She has been supporting the Navy with Sehlke Consulting over the past 2 years in their STARS to SABRS migration and has assisted them in successfully migrating six of the ten budget submitting offices.
The FC in SABRS is used as a short key to identify and link the appropriation, subhead, budget line number, activity/sub-activity group, and program element number (PEN).
To subdivide the facilities services and OBOS PENs into their associated installation process, we used the organizational element of the BESA in SABRS. A BESA code is entered into SABRS with each source document.
We took a look at those CACs already established in SABRS and were surprised that they numbered around 3,000.
This new coding schema will enable us to detail in SABRS the skill requirements needed to perform the processes and will enable future benchmarking of labor support by process throughout all installations.
We have been tasked to develop standalone financial statements for Marine Corps appropriations (as a subset of the Department of the Navy's single official audited financial statements) and to obtain an audit opinion using the current accounting system, SABRS. Our roadmap for meeting the improvement mandates has been codified in the Executive Report: Marine Corps Financial Improvement Plan and submitted to OSD.
* Single Domain Concept Update - A major part of the SABRS implementation was the elimination of processing domains.
* SABRS Management Analysis Retrieval Tool System (SMARTS) Update - SMARTS is a management reporting tool that gives users access to SABRS financial, accounting, and budgeting information in a cost-effective and timely manner.
* Marine Corps Financial Schools (Marine Cops Base, Camp Lejuene) SABRS Database Update - This database allows the school to provide hands-on instruction using a database that replicates the database that the students will use after graduation.