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SABSSouth African Bureau of Standards
SABSSt. Andrews Biological Station (Canada)
SABSSan Antonio Blues Society (San Antonio, TX)
SABSSearch and Booking System (travel)
SABSSubscriber Administration and Billing System
SABSSoiuz aktivnoi bor’bys samoderzhaviem
SABSSouth Atlantic Blockading Squadron (US Civil War)
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BMG Group's future strategy is to diversify its range of services and investment advisory, and we thank SABS Group for this promising opportunity and for their confidence in BMG as an adviser and partner."
First, it focuses on the SAB 101 issues most relevant to contracts--delivery and acceptance terms in sales contracts.
SAB 101 makes no distinction between government and commercial contracts.
The guidance in SAB 101, while seemingly complex on an initial reading, can be simplified to a few basic rules.
SAB 101 further states that delivery generally has not occurred until the customer has taken title and assumed the risks and rewards of owning products specified in the contract.
Sometimes the hunt lie to the police and sometimes the police lie to us, so a couple of sabs follow the hounds until they're put into the horsebox to go home.
As a sab, I've seen half-a-dozen foxes killed by hounds - it's horrific.
I crack my whip and shout and another sab blows the hunting horn.
In the coded language of secretive investment bankers, Interbrew, named ``Ice'', was to merge with SAB, named ``Zulu'', to form ``Diamond'' and thwart a rival three-way combination of ``Scar'' or a counter bid from ``Thistle''.
A glance at the original document suggests a merger between the two brewers based on a SAB share price of 500 pence with a lot more work still to do.
A source within the banks, Interbrew, SAB, or a rival brewer?
Perhaps someone at Interbrew thinks SAB was just a deal too far.