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SABUSouth Australian Baptist Union (religious organization)
SABUSelf Adjusting Botch Up (polite form)
SABUStand Alone Business Unit (New Zealand)
SABUSouth Africa Bisley Union
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Tam Lum has an affair with Chans daughter, a fortyish ex-nun, whom he impregnates, and helps her father get plastic surgery so that he can win a Golden Gloves tournament and move on to succeed Sabu.
On Thursday, the crime branch team grilled her in the presence of the main accused, Sabu Antony, soon after the arrest.
Sabu said he uses the new pedestrian bridge on the Sultan Bin Zayed first street near the intersection with Dalma Street to cross over to the other side to reach his workplace near Abu Dhabi public bus stand.
When terrorism was at its peak and the country was plagued by scandals and bomb blasts, I introduced Sabu, who was a symbol of ultimate strength," the legendary cartoonist once said.
A year after they arrived, she sent a package of photos of Sabu and Thriller and T-shirts and other memorabilia to Jackson's children.
The remarks of the delegation, headed by Mohamad Sabu, the Deputy President of the opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, came during a meeting with Syria's Grand Mufti Ahmad Badr Eddin Hassoun on Thursday.
EUROPE IF you think shedding a few pounds is a struggle, spare a thought for Sabu, an elephant at the Swiss national circus.
Session 3 on Nanotechnology in Latex and Synthetic Polymer Dispersions will include the following presentations: "Polymer latex nanocomposites: Recent advances," Sabu Thomas, Mahatma Gandhi University, India; "Nano-dispersions in latex technology," Siby Varghese, Rubber Research Institute of India; and "Effect of nanoclay on the properties of natural rubber and carboxylated styrene butadiene rubber latices: A comparison," Ranimol Stephen, St.
A portion of the proceeds from its sale will benefit the Shambala Preserve, where Jackson's two Bengal tigers, Thriller and Sabu, have been living since the pop star left his Neverland ranch in 2006.
Sabu accompanies Maura on daily life adventures from babyhood to young childhood and school attendance.
QHAVING recently seen the film The Thief Of Baghdad, I was wondering what happened to the child actor Sabu.
According to Sabu, th evaporative cooling technology from Breezair is ideal for hot, dry climates like the Middle East, as it cools air naturally, effectively and efficiently.