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SABUSouth Australian Baptist Union (religious organization)
SABUSelf Adjusting Botch Up (polite form)
SABUStand Alone Business Unit (New Zealand)
SABUSouth Africa Bisley Union
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which was 48-percent owned by JFC, operated 16 stores under the 12 Sabu brand.
Sabu Cyril, Tirru, Peter Hein, Anju Modi and RC Kamalakannan are in charge of production design, cinematography, stunts, costume and VFX respectively for the film.
Sabu, for her part, welcomed the upcoming visit to Kenya by Iranian Health Minister Hassan Qazizadeh Hashemi, and underlined her nation's interest in using Iran's capabilities to meet its needs to health and hygiene equipment and training.
In the latest edition, Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu team up together to receive the famous Crispy from USA and teach children about how 'An apple a day can keep all the bad things away'.
Here, the last white Charlie Chan, who really wanted to be Sabu, has fled to Hawaii from what he thinks are vengeful Chinese assassins, notably Golford Tam Lum, himself fleeing from a failed marriage and a failed attempt at a novel, which, he realizes, is just like all the Chinatown novels he despises.
Smitha Antony, a newly-wed and just 25 then, was reported missing by her husband, Sabu Antony, on September 3, 2005 -- two days after her arrival in Dubai.
The new bridges are really helpful for people like us who don't drive," said Indian expat Sabu Joseph, who works as a sales executive.
So much was the love for this old man, that children and adults idolised him and his family-- his dog Raaket, nagging Chachi, and faithful and brawny alien Sabu.
All passengers in the car, including a 3-year-old child died on the scene," said police officer Sabu, who uses only one name.
During his meeting on Wednesday with Deputy President of the opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) Mohamad Sabu and the accompanying delegation, Minister al-Sayyid said that the conspiracy targets the social fabric and the national unity in Syria.