SABULSimple Available Bandwidth Utilization Library
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The novel shows not only how characters like Sabul accumulate power if not possessions by competing with and co-opting others, but also how Shevek himself competes with Sabul when he is forced to negotiate with him (Curtis 2005: 274-75).
Yet, like Sabul, the other conservative Anarresti, he cherishes 'change', 'process', 'revolution', and 'sequentially', but only as static values.
Eventually, though, he begins to connect his termination with the quarrels he had with his academic superior; he remembers how Sabul demanded that he be named as a co-author of Shevek's research: "It occurred to him once that Sabul wanted to keep the new Urrasti physics private--to own it, as a property, a source of power over his colleagues on Anarres." (61) His conclusion is stalled, though, when his proper subjectivity reasserts itself, and he falls back on an "epistemological certainty," the Anarresti "way of structuring the world that forecloses alternative possibilities of ordering" (to use Butler's terms again).
A speeding car hit a motorcyclist namely Mohammad Sabul Gambhir, resident of village Gambhir on the National Highway and as a result he sustained critical injuries on Sunday.
His formulation of the Simultaneity theory wins Shevek fame in the world of physics in the twin planet societies of Urras and Anarres, even if to get it published he has to pretend to have co-authored it with Sabul, the senior scientist under whom he works.
Le Guin has well understood this challenge to anarchy and represents it, albeit in a somewhat caricatured form, in the character of Sabul, the leading physicist on Anarres until Shevek comes along.
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