SABVSabia Virus
SABVSaboya Virus
SABVSouth Australian Business Vision (Australia)
SABVSecondary Air Bypass Valve
SABVSuper Appending Batch Virus (computer virus)
SABVSan Antonio Boys Village (San Antonio, FL)
SABVSatanic Brain Virus (computer virus)
SABVSchweizer Ärztebesucher Verband
SABVSabo Virus
SABVStichting Arbeidszaken Betaald Voetbal
SABVSabicea Villosa
SABVSchweiz Amateur-Basketball-Verband
SABVSuid-Afrikaanse Biblioteekvereniging
SABVSemi-Air Buoyant Vehicle
SABVSuid-Afrikaanse Bybel Vereniging
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Five members of the Tacaribe serocomplex (CHPV, GTOV, JUNV, MACV, and SABV) cause hemorrhagic fever in humans (6,7).
Nonidentity between the GPC amino acid sequences of AV B1030026 and TCRV was greater than the nonidentity between the GPC amino acid sequences of CHPV and SABV (Table), among the GPC amino acid sequences of the 5 viruses in group A (range 15.8%-23.7%), and between the GPC amino acid sequences of Latino virus (LATV) and Oliveros virus (20.6%).
When examined by antibody-antigen binding assays such as the ELISA, GTOV is distinct from the 3 North American arenaviruses and highly cross-reactive with JUNV, MACV, and SABV (19).
LCMV is an agent of acute central nervous system disease and congenital malformations; LASV is the agent of Lassa fever in western Africa; and JUNV, MACV, GTOV, and SABV are etiologic agents of hemorrhagic fever in Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Brazil, respectively.