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SACASexual Assault and Child Abuse (crimes; various locations)
SACASouth Australian Cricket Association
SACASouth and Central America (Travel) Association
SACASmart Automation Certification Alliance
SACASchool Age Care Alliance (South Dakota)
SACAStato Ambientale dei Corsi d'Acqua (ecology, Italy)
SACASouth African Cannon Association
SACASexual Assault Crisis Agency
SACASupport Agency Cooperative Agreement
SACASub Aqua Club Athus (diving club; est. 1975; France)
SACASilverton Area Community Aid (Oregon)
SACASystemic Accident Cause Analysis
SACASino-American Cooperative Agreement
SACAStaff Action Control Assistant
SACASchool Advisory Committees on Appointments (University of Waterloo, Canada)
SACASurvivability Admission Control Algorithm
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Al-Harbi worked as vice president of commercial programs at BAE Systems Saudi Development and Training before he moved to the SACA in 2016.
Over the years, SACA has become the go-to organization for Lancaster's Hispanic community, where people of all ages can receive assistance for their basic needs, as well as develop supportive relationships with others.
Una vez aprobado el reglamento, el primer submecanismo fue emitir cheques a nombre de Saca y de Elmer Charlaix Urquilla, secretario privado de la Presidencia; luego el dinero era depositado en sus cuentas bancarias personales o en las de alguna de las cinco empresas del exmandatario: Promotora de Comunicaciones, Saca Mixco, Radiodifusion de El Salvador, Radiodifusion Usuluteca y Stereo 94.1 FM.
The list also includes a former CSJ magistrate, Agustin Garcia Calderon, who presided over the high court from 2000 until 2009, during the Flores and Saca presidencies.
Active SACA members were eligible to apply for the scholarships, and applicants were asked to craft a 500-word essay on patient compliance and how to counsel a patient struggling to follow a nutritional protocol.
Llorca added that Saca checked into the motel but he paid his bill before he checked out.
“Duo Security offers a variety of authentication options,” Saca said.
Volunteers from the SACA group carried out door-to-door interviews with local residents, some of which were filmed.
QUETTA -- The South African Cricketers' Association (SACA) has said it is "unlikely" they will agree to Bangladesh's proposal to play three ODIs and five Twenty20s in May.
Bowman posed the question "Has anyone revisited steam power to run farm equipment, industrial applications such as wood mills or other types of equipment?" Members of the Steam Automobile Club of America (SACA) have addressed that issue indirectly while designing modern steam-powered automobiles.
Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez had blocked BOD's option to buy the Santander- owned Banco de Venezuela SACA (BVL.CA) in 2008, purchasing the bank for the Venezuelan government.
Analiza asimismo las distintas dimensiones del problema, discute experiencias exitosas en la region y saca conclusiones utiles para enfrentar los desafios de las ciudades de los paises en desarrollo que, con contadas excepciones, ven aumentar la poblacion de los asentamientos irregulares.