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Direct selection for curing and deletion of Rhizobium plasmids using transposons carrying the Bacillus subtilis sacB gene.
The SACB also should have advisory functions on community or national legislation within its fields of competence, and should be consulted by the relevant national authorities.
In the SACB JV unconventional gas appraisal program, the Roswell-2 horizontal well in the Roseneath Shale was drilled to a total depth of 3,481 metres and is currently setting casing.
309, 310-13 (1967) (dismissing claim for injunctive relief where Congress had provided procedures for challenging sanctions of the Subversive Activities Control Board and where complaint only contained "no more than conclusory allegations that the purpose of the threatened enforcement of the Act was to 'harass' appellants and that harassment was the intended result of the Attorney General's announcement that he had filed a petition with the SACB"); Schilling v.
Chemical composition (in weight %) of the investigate solder Acronym Sn Ag Cu Bi SACB 97,5 1 0,5 1
(1993) relatam que existem tres enzimas distintas que podem estar envolvidas na hidrolise da sacarose: a sacarase intracelular (SacA), a levanasacarase extracelular (SacB) e a sacarase extracelular (SacC).
For example, the operator presets their profile to accommodate a eutectic paste alloy, while applying a SACB (SnAgCuBi) solder ball, resulting in a non-collapsed BGA (Figure 1).
1950, per memo in McHale file, Subject Files: SACB, box 279, SISS Papers, Record Group 46, National Archives, Washington, D.C.
A vote for HISC is a vote to continue an illegal and unauthorized practice of which I am ashamed." The following year, he opposed the appropriation of funds to the Subversive Activities Control Board (SACB) in legislation HR9669, because, he charged, it had three defects: it was vague and overbroad; it amounted to guilt-by-association; and it delegated legislative authority to the president.
It was felt that any media coverage about the developing situation could jeopardise Paul's position with the SACB and hold up the signing, which would have been detrimental to all parties.
International assistance to Somalia totalled US$271,604,400 in 2003, according to Somalia Aid Co-ordination Body, Donor Report 2003 (Nairobi: SACB, 2004).
As Lichtman and Cohen note, "The sheer volume of employee loyalty cases, deportation proceedings, Smith Act prosecutions, SACB [Subversive Activities Control Board] proceedings, and Congressional and state investigative committee hearings created a large market for informers." In the end, this troupe of professional witnesses perjured themselves frequently and flagrantly, and--unlike Hiss, White and others named as spies--did so with impunity.