SACBSubversive Activities Control Board (1950–1972)
SACBSomalia Aid Coordination Body
SACBState Athletic Control Board (Department of Law and Public Safety; Trenton, NJ)
SACBSingapore Association of Clinical Biochemists (est. 1978)
SACBSri Aurobindo Center Berlin (Auroville International Germany)
SACBSouth African Chamber of Banking (est. 1938)
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SACB system being time taking and challenging process, instantly requires initiating and administering it effectively at national level to set an example for the region paving the way for its expansion to regional level.
The SACB have placed no restrictions on how often Shaun plays for us, but it goes without saying we will look after him,' added Amiss.
However, doubt has been cast as to whether the voice on the tapes is actually that of Cronje, and the SACB says it cannot act until it has been analysed.
aid officials have had a much harder time shaping donor policy in the SACB, and American influence over political as well as economic developments in the country have been marginalized.
Place: MIT Sloan School, Tang Center, E51, 70 Memorial Drive, Cambridge Price: SACB and partner members - $100; non-members - $200 Parking: Free on Saturdays in MIT "Sloan" and "Amherst" lots
SACB shall coordinate with the Saudi institutions to fill these places with the candidates to benefit from them.
In the SACB JV unconventional gas appraisal programme, the Moomba-194 well was drilled to a total depth of 3,369 metres and was cased and suspended ahead of fracture stimulation to evaluate the deliverability of the Permian section.
For many components SACB solder joints were at least as reliable as the SnPb controls during the combined environments and thermal cycling tests.
Cronje and the SACB furiously defend their position, even though the Indian police yesterday revealed they have more evidence against the quartet, which also includes Herschelle Gibbs, Nicky Boje and Pieter Strydom.
In the SACB JV unconventional gas appraisal program, Langmuir-1 has been cased and suspended at a total depth of 3,815 metres in the Merrimelia Formation.
In the SACB JV unconventional gas appraisal program, Langmuir-1 is currently drilling ahead at 3,238 metres.
2 MMboe, 23% up on previous quarter, mainly due to new oil flowlines on the Western Flank, PEL 106B gas and condensate production, and a lower level of shutdowns in SACB JV Cooper Basin facilities