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SACCSchool-Age Child Care
SACCSouth African Council of Churches
SACCStandard Acquisition Clauses and Conditions (Canada)
SACCSexual Assault Crisis Center
SACCSupporting Arms Coordination Center
SACCSouth Arkansas Community College (El Dorado)
SACCSyndicat des Agents Correctionnels du Canada (Union of Canadian Correctional Officers)
SACCStudent Academic Consulting Center
SACCSelf-Organization and Adaptation of Computing and Communications
SACCSoutheast Alaska Conservation Council
SACCSlow Associated Control Channel
SACCStrategic and Advanced Computing Center
SACCSan Antonio Contracting Center
SACCService Aware Charging & Control
SACCStand Alone Common Core (US Army BNCOC)
SACCSociety Against Cruelty to Crichton (fanfic group)
SACCSwedish-American Chambers of Commerce of USA, Inc. (Alexandria, VA)
SACCSingle Access Control Coordinator
SACCScience and Applications Computing Center
SACCShore ASW Command Center
SACCSubstance Abuse Control Committee
SACCShell Agricultural Chemical Company
SACCSupplemental Air Carrier Conference
SACCSan Antonio Community College (Texas)
SACCSouth African Constitutional Court
SACCSaudi Airlines Cargo Company (Saudi Arabia)
SACCSalem Chamber of Commerce (Oregon)
SACCStandard Australian Classification of Countries (Australia)
SACCSan Antonio Convention Center (Texas)
SACCScience Advisory and Coordinating Committee (American Heart Association)
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In other words, in order to function properly, the SACC must possess enduring public support as measured in opinion polls.
Barbara Jones, president of SACC, said the funding is "opening the door--both figuratively and literally--to fantastic opportunities for area business students and budding entrepreneurs.
Looking at the future of South Africa, the SACC stated: "[The people] yearn for a change from an increasingly corrupt political, business and societal culture to one that is accountable to the people.
I read these sentences in the context of his option for the poor and as an attempt to give credit to the emergence of the African Instituted Churches (AICs) which have been largely excluded from the churches linked to the SACC.
The SACC highlighted the lack of transparency in financial services, allowing big institutions to set prices that bear no relationship to their costs.
A 5-year-old enrolled in a SACC program explained that "Joe is mean, and all the big kids are mean, but some kids are nice.
5%) wanted the SACC program followed by the RC program (35% in 1993 and 30.
Molefe Tsele of the SACC regarding the passing away of my dear husband, Beyers Naude.
The Reverend Molefi Tsele, general secretary of the SA Council of Churches, said the SACC would have to live with the decision as it was based on the constitution.
All of Celeritek's directors and their affiliated investment funds that hold Celeritek shares, including SACC Partners LP, who collectively hold or control the vote of approximately 1.
Mickey Blake questions the objectivity of the SACC survey, and points to the resort's re-vegetation, recycling and expansion-limiting work as proof of its green commitment.
We named the program SACC, Structured Athletics for Challenged Children, and made it a nonprofit organization whose mission is to enable children with physical and/or mental disabilities, ages 6-18, to enjoy the many benefits of participating in a year-round athletic environment structured to their abilities.