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SACEMSociété des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Éditeurs de Musique (Society of Authors, Composers, and Editors of Music, France)
SACEMSystème d'Aide à la Conduite, à l'Exploitation et à la Maintenance (French: Assistance System for Driving, Operation and Maintenance; rapid transit railways)
SACEMSociety for Advancement of Continuing Education for Ministry
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PRS for Music and SACEM are now working together -- and in co-operation with other rights holders world-wide - to provide businesses with the necessary information to understand licensing requirements that respect UAE law.
211) Subsequent to this ruling, CNIL was forced to authorize SACEM and other collection organizations to implement search and detect processes for online copyright infringement.
The SACEM judgments stand for the proposition that an objective comparison of price levels between comparable markets may serve as an alternative basis to a cost-price analysis for reviewing excessive pricing allegations.
Ademas de los funcionarios de la CISAC, estuvieron representadas las sociedades autorales de Francia (SACD, SACEM y ADAGP), Espana (SGAE), Estados Unidos (BMI y ASCAP), Gran Bretana (PRS), Suiza (SUISA y SSA), Brasil (UBC, SBAT y AMAR), Irlanda (IMRO), Argentina (SADAIC y ARGENTORES), Austria (AKM), Italia (SIAE), Japon (JASRAC), Canada (SOCAN), Australia (APRA), Portugal (SPA), Grecia (AEPI), Letonia (AKKA/LAA), Republica Eslovaca (SOZA), Republica Checa (OSA), Cuba (ACDAM), Uruguay (AGADU), Venezuela (SACVEN), Senegal (BSDA), Bolivia (SOBODAYCOM), Peru (APDAYC), Noruega (TONO) y muchas otras instituciones afines, de los cinco continentes.
Other chansons of the same period - all declared by Hyspa at SACEM on 28 November 1899 - include 'Les Complots', 'La Triste Fin du Taureau Romito' and 'Les Depeches anglaises'.
For the sound portion, the provision includes the SACEM charges.
Aldarwish said that he represented a hotel that was ordered to pay licensing royalties to SACEM for playing music created by artists that the organization represents, but it is not clear what portion of the licensing fees collected actually make it to the artists themselves.
To negotiate pan-European licensing of online music and boost their web-based earnings, three copyright collecting societies, SACEM (France), SGAE (Spain) and SIAE (Italy), have teamed up to create Armonia, a single point of entry for their combined repertoires, they announced, on 19 November.
Son la SPPF (Sociedad Civil de Productores de Fonogramas de Francia), la SDRM (Sociedad Civil para la Administracion del Derecho de las Reproducciones), la SACEM (Sociedad de Autores, Compositores y Editores de Musica), la ALPA (Asociacion de Lucha contra la Pirateria Audiovisual) y la SCPP (Sociedad Civil de Productores de Fonogramas): cfr.
1) Alexandra Laederich's 2007 definitive catalog of Lili Boulanger's works describes Marche gaie as missing ("non retrouvee"), and as registered in the SACEM catalog for small orchestra.
During the CISAC-Congress in Santiago de Chile in October 2000, the collecting societies, BMI, BUMA, GEMA, PRS, and SACEM, signed the "Santiago Agreement," which allows each society to licence each other's music on a world-wide basis.