SACERSystem for Allotment of Central Excise Registration (Ministry of Finance; India)
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They have wanted their sacer vates, having been too solid to rise to the top by themselves, and not having been largely gifted with the talent of catching hold of, and holding on tight to, whatever good things happened to be going--the foundation of the fortunes of so many noble families.
Episcopus, 'superintended.' Sacerdos, 'sacra dans' uel 'sacer dux' [trs.
say: no me pongo twisted / pain go / facere sacer =
There was still time for Sacer to shout for a penalty when it appeared Steve McManus had held him back as he attempted to shoot, then Tony McMahon missed a good chance with five minutes to go but fired across the face of the goal.
In the first we present a synthesis of the behavior of Scarabaeus sacer, the species that provided the basis for understanding the behavior of other species in Scarabaeus and Kheper.
ACES will replace the existing applications of SERMON, SACER, SAPS, STERM, used in central excise and service tax for capturing returns and registration details of assessees.
The body of a prisoner is likened to a body abandoned by the law that can be killed but not sacrificed--homo sacer. (57) The infamous images of shackled prisoners in orange jump suits show how the prisoners have been deprived of their senses that make them human.
His graffiti tag, SACER, scrawled by a fellow artist, ran across the gallery's facade, simultaneously defacing and commemorating the temporary mausoleum.
Snow's tag, a curly, multi-colored "SACER," was painted by one of the late artist's friends over the entire front of the building.
--Homo Sacer. Il potere sovrano e la nuda vita Torino: Einaudi, 1995.