SACERSSchool-Age Care Environment Rating Scale (Columbia University; New York, NY)
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The overall quality of programs in this rural county was slightly below minimal (M=2.51), according to the SACERS descriptors on the 7-point scale.
The mean score on the VOT scale was positively and significantly correlated with the overall mean SACERS program score (r=.806, p<.01).
Consistent with what was hypothesized, the score on the VOT scale was related to the overall score on the SACERS. That is, children's perceptions of the program were positively related to an independent measure of quality.
Twenty-one of the 26 programs improved the overall quality of their school-age child care environments, as assessed by the SACERS. Likewise, 18 programs had teachers who improved the quality of their interactions with children, as assessed by the Caregiver Interaction Scale, and 17 programs improved interactions, as assessed by the Human Relationship section of the accreditation observation.
It is important to note that the programs awarded NSACA accreditation were above minimal (3.0) in quality, but were not considered of good (5.0) quality according to the SACERS instrument.
It is once again important to note that although a state license was related to higher quality mean scores on the SACERS, the scores still reflect less than good quality.
For example, SACERS scores at pre-initiative ranged from 2.21 to 4.53.