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SACEURSupreme Allied Commander, Europe
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An intense experience as SACEUR was an exercise in 1989 intended, Galvin writes, "to make sure that all senior political and military leaders of the Alliance were familiar with what would happen in the event, far-fetched or not, that nuclear weapons might be employed.
At times during the military campaign, Solana was also a voice for some of the allies who preferred to work through Solana in communicating their targeting preferences to the SACEUR.
Stephen Covington, International Affairs Advisor to SACEUR
Ridgway became SACEUR on 30 May, and subsequently declared his willingness to be dual-hatted as the United States Commander in Chief, Europe (USCINCEUR).
The 650th's agents routinely work with national-level CI and security personnel from 26 NATO member nations and have the opportunity to conduct multinational or combined CI operations, investigations, and collection in support of the SACEUR and the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation.
However, the availability of contingency operational planning by the SACEUR likely would shorten the time needed by the NAC to consider its response to a fast-breaking crisis.
As SACEUR, General Craddock commanded the military forces of NATO's 28 nations and led history's most successful alliance into new frontiers of relevance and purpose.
For the reader well-versed in the military, such as those reading Parameters, these details weigh down the first two chapters, in which Stavridis sets the stage for his rise to SACEUR and the dynamics he found at NATO.
SACLANT but COMNON was under SACEUR, there was no higher-up command with overriding authority to take on overall responsibility for airspace management.
Acronym lovers can translate SACEUR, SACLANT, BOMARC, and CINCNORAD, as well as many others.
Each conclusion has been written in a report and sent to SACEUR, who indicated last year to the NATO Military Community that the French Rapid Reaction Corps is fully operational (SACEUR certification).
In line with this new orientation, as SACEUR General Jones pointed out at the beginning of this month, NATO will undergo another sea-change when it stands up a highly ready Allied Response Force with global reach, as agreed last November.