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SACEURSupreme Allied Commander, Europe
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41) Former SACEUR General Philip Breedlove also highlighted the issue stating, "This hybrid war, if it kicks off and it is unattributable, this is not a NATO issue.
60) NATO's decision to delegate to the SACEUR the authority to alert and stage the VJTF is a commendable step in shortening crisis response times, but it does nothing to address the potentially significant amount of time that might be needed for the NAC to reach consensus.
Further, the NATO chain of command proved ineffective in action; SACEUR Wesley Clark was unable to command with the authority he would have had in an operation executed solely by the Americans.
45) NATO's SACEUR, US general Wesley Clark, was the key decisionmaker for the conduct of the military operation and received considerable input on the selected targets from France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and especially the United States.
Declining to specify a target figure after the reduction, he said: "As to who exactly will reduce what and at what pace, that will be done as the result of a process which SACEUR would lead, and on the principle of in-together, out-together".
Stephen Covington, International Affairs Advisor to SACEUR
Ridgway became SACEUR on 30 May, and subsequently declared his willingness to be dual-hatted as the United States Commander in Chief, Europe (USCINCEUR).
As expected, formal staffing of the proposal was time-consuming, but the goal was reached in January 2004, when SACEUR General James Jones endorsed the initiative and forwarded it to NATO's North Atlantic Council (NAC) for final approval.
The mission is led by the Deputy SACEUR (Supreme Allied Commander Europe) who reports to the EU, and in particular the Political Security Committee, as well as SACEUR and the North Atlantic Council.
The SACEUR would keep the Secretary General and MC informed of such plans.
These conferences spanned the chain of command from the SACEUR to the JFC and onward to component commanders.
The keynote speaker will be General Joseph Ralston, USAF, SACEUR.