SACFAStanding Advisory Committee for Frequency Allocation (India)
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In line with international practice, MSAC in partnership with the SACFA launched the SACFRI in April 2018.
We encourage medical practitioners and members of the CF community to inquire about SACFRI by contacting SACFA or their CF clinic or doctor.
MSAC and SACFA have received unconditional grants from Abbott and Novartis SA to support MSAC and CF registry activities and operational expenses.
Tenders are invited for Filling Of Sacfa Application Form And Liaison With Wpc For Sacfa Clearance Of Gsm Bts (2G And 3G) Sites And Mini Links
Tenders are invited for Filling up of SACFA application form & liaison with WPC for SACFA clearance from WPC on behalf of the BSNL for installation of GSM, WCDMA BTS sites and Microwave links for all the BSNL or Non-BSNL sites in different SSAs of Odisha Telecom Circle.