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The flooding rate for both water flooding and swelled particle gel flooding (40-mesh SACF particle was swelling in the salt solution for 10 days) was set as 0.5mL/min and kept unchanged.
Herein, [K.sub.w] is aqueous phase permeability, mD; [K.sub.f] is the core permeability after injection of some designed pore volume (PV) of SACF particle gel, mD.
For SACF, IR (KBr, v/[cm.sup.-1]): 3412 (vs, [v.sub.s](N[H.sub.2])), 2914 (w, v(C-H)), 1675 (s, v(C=O), 1304 (w, v(S=O)), 1017 (s, v(C-O) and s, v(S-O)).
This peak was not observed in the SXRD pattern of the SACF, which indicated the fact that the crystalline plate had been further exfoliated by polymeric gel after the in situ copolymerized and crosslink reaction in the crystalline plates of polymeric monomer.
Swelling Behavior of SACF. The effect of AM, AA, and clay content on the swelling properties of polymer/silicate composite has been extensively reported, and the understanding of these properties has been constructed.
Salt and Thermal Stability for SACF in the Harsh Condition.