SACHSave A Child's Heart
SACHSan Antonio Community Hospital (Texas)
SACHState Administration of Cultural Heritage (China)
SACHSolid Ankle Cushion Heel (Prosthesis)
SACHStruggle for Change (Pakistan)
SACHShamokin Area Community Hospital (Coal Township, PA)
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The comic pair face a hammering from BBC bosses after Brand rang the actor claiming he had slept with his granddaughter - and then suggested Sachs was considering killing himself.
Yna gwisgwyd sach ag un gornel wedi ei gwthiop i gornel arall i wneud cwpwl dros y pen, yna sach arall wedi ei rhwymo a llinyn beindar am y canol ac eto bacsie (sachau) am y coese a Yorks am y lodrau i ddal y llodrau rhag llusgo yn y baw, a gwisgwyd esgidiau hoelion trwm neu glocsiau.
AWARDS: The High Sheriff of Warwickshire Keith Sach (back, centre) and teacher Jo Corrigan (back, left) with pupils from Eastlands Primary School
Over the past three months, Sach Ka Samna , an Indian adaptation of the British reality show The Moment Of Truth , created a storm almost every week with shocking revelations common people made about their private lives, in a bid to win the coveted Rs 1- crore grand prize.
Dera Sach Khand has gained many followers from the Dalit community in Punjab and is opposed by many mainstream Sikhs.
Mr Sach, who helped compile the Health and Safety Executive's guidance to pool operators, told the court the HSE made it clear children under eight need a level of supervision the pool operator, through lifeguards, cannot deliver.
The High Sheriff of Warwickshire Keith Sach congratulated all the award winners on their presentations.
Barclod fras fyddai gan fy nain - hen sach fel arfer, ond byddai fy nhad yn arfer cario swp o wair wedi'i dorri mewn 'nithlan' ar ei gefn.
INTERESTING, how Sach Ka Samna host Rajeev Khandelwal has acquired a unique position on Indian television.
Sirf Sach Aur Sach ke Siva Kuchh Nahin" is about a poor peasant Mamdoo who accidentally kills the mule of a fellow peasant.
Yr oedd y ddau zip wedi llithro o'r canol ac i lawr i'r gwaelod ar bob ochr a pheri i'r sach agor megis ceunant.