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SACHETSociety for the Advancement of Community Health Education and Training (Pakistan)
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The suspects yielded dried marijuana and two sachets of shabu.
His counterpart Dr Timothy Ifedioramma, representing Njikoka State constituency 1, who seconded the motion, stressed the need for NAFDAC to always make routine visits to sachet water manufacturing companies in the state with a view to safeguarding the health of the people.
Police recovered from the suspects two sachets of suspected shabu and drug paraphernalia.
Our study of sachet water is informed by these case studies, but is different from them in several ways.
Found from her possession are two sachets of suspected shabu.
A box of 12 sachets is NT$ 1,380 (US$ 46) and will remain fresh for 1-2 years.
Unilever has unveiled a new recycling technology for sachets that it says could divert billions of tonnes of plastic from littering, landfill and the oceans.
Joanne Colquhoun can't look at beans, Tammy Henderson thinks door handles stare at her (the two screws on top are the eyes) and Samantha Henson is scared of the freshness sachet in shoes and bags.
Available in popular Original and No Added Sugar Varieties, the new pre-measured, easy to use sachets are designed for those consumers who often find themselves eating breakfast at their desks but still want a healthy, nourishing breakfast that does not compromise on taste.
2] Sachet or packaged drinking water is any water that is in a sealed plastic and distributed or offered for sale and is intended for human consumption.
Place one sachet pouch in your dryer for naturally scented clothes.