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SACHSSt. Albert Catholic High School
SACHSSocial Action Community Health System (California)
SACHSSouthern Area Consortium of Human Services (California)
SACHSSavoie Acadian Cultural and Historical Society (Canada)
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Sachs also points out that investment, trade and private sector activity have reduced poverty in countries such as India and China.
Hanson first teamed with Gans and Sachs (a couple of 18 years) in 1992 after the two parties produced separate fetes at Dinah Shore Weekend in 1991.
Sachs offers a sweeping account of the rise of the modern European economy as a model for all developing economies to follow.
Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill, no foe of foreign aid, once expressed his frustration at the country's sending "trillions of dollars" in aid to Africa with nearly "nothing to show for it" Sachs dissects U.
They were film noir characters before film noir,'' Sachs said.
Goldman Sachs' philanthropic initiatives include Public Service and Board Placement Programs, The Goldman Sachs Foundation, and the Center for Environmental Markets.
Sachs grew up rooting for most of the Boston teams, but liked the Dolphins instead of the Patriots.
Nate Wright, the Saugus coach, has described Sachs as Hart's workhorse and complimented his energy.
Sachs wasn't out to set smallness records with his microtools (though he did).
Goldman Sachs looks forward to continuing to work with institutional investors who want to gain exposure to the commodity asset class through index investing.
The ion channel normally opens and shuts randomly,' explains Sachs.
Goldman Sachs has made a minority investment in Investars.