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SACIStudio Art Centers International (Florence, Italy art school)
SACISan Antonio Cancer Institute
SACISymposium on Applied Computational Intelligence and Informatics
SACISociété Anonyme de Crédit Immobilier (French: Cooperative Joint Stock Company for Estate Credit)
SACISevere Atmospheric Corrosion Inhibitor (Stoney Creek Technologies, LLC)
SACISolar Array & Charge-Control Interface Board (US NASA)
SACISlovenian Association of Conference Interpreters
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The recent acquisition of SACI expands Sumitomo's business in the European market and will provide quality cosmetic ingredients and technologies from various regions of the world.
A Figura 9 apresenta ainda 6 pontos que exemplificam o uso da terra da bacia do rio Saci. A fotografia 1 representa areas com as vegetacoes mais baixas da area de estudo.
A PCR product of 858 bp (843bp gene and 15 bp linker) was obtained on amplification at 55[degrees]C.Restriction digestion of the recombinant plasmid pQ30.7 with SacI and HindIII released an identical size fragment as seen on a 1% agarose gel (Figure 1).
These plasmids were screened by PCR and single double digestion using restriction enzyme SacI and HpaI resulted in one vector fragment (pPG612-HCE-PgsA-vp2-rrnBT1T2, pPG612-HCE-T7g10-PgsA-vp2-rrnBT1T2) and two bands (vp2 band and vector band) (fig.
For vector construction, a product of 288 bps of C1 Rep lifted from SacI and SalI restriction sites and cloned in pJIT166 vector.
To create these plasmids pPIC9-PAOX1-PHO5 was cut in AatII site and one of the unique sites within AOX1 promoter SacI or NsiI.
Five restriction enzymes (Mval, HaeIII, SacI, SacII, and Hin1I) were employed to cut DRB1, while seven restriction enzymes (MroxI, ScaI, SacII, NciI, TaqI, Mval, and HaeIII) were employed to cut DQB1.
Saci Lloyd presents a harsh, dystopian world where the only hope for the young is to join a gang or to risk their lives by trading their skills in the dangerous virtual world of The Drop.
The tour includes a line-up of acclaimed young people's writers, including Saci Lloyd, Cathy Brett, Tanya Byrne, Phil Earle and Amy McCulloch.
The four, who were also accused of using force against police, were sentenced each to one month in prison, lawyer Naima Saci said after the verdict was announced at a court in Laghouat, southern Algeria.
Carbon Diaries creator Saci Lloyd, writer and illustrator Cathy Brett, psychological thriller author Tanya Byrne and History Keepers scribe Damian Dibben are among those on this year's Scribblers tour.