SACIMSecretary's Advisory Committee on Infant Mortality (Health Resources and Services Administration)
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if legal trade was opened between, say, SACIM and Japan there would be no middle men and the cost of the end product would be lower, which would make die illegal trade uneconomic.
The SACIM countries -- which include Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana -- plan to act as a political bloc at the CITES meeting in order to gain more support for their proposals to place the elephant on Appendix II, which would allow for a resumption of international trade in ivory, hides and meat.
The Environmental Investigation Agency, which recently conducted an investigation into the illegal ivory trade in Southern Africa, has learned that Zambia's own official proposal to CITES to remove the Appendix I listing, as well as its agreement to participate in SACIM, were drawn up "outside normal channels" with direct involvement by non-Zambians who wish to re-open the international trade.