SACISSouthern African Cultural Information System
SACISSan Antonio Community Information System (San Antonio, TX)
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Still, the BAAC does have relatively low administrative costs compared with other SACIs.
At the time, SACIS was first set up to make sure that the content of the ads to be broadcast (sold by another RAI division called SIPRA) were "ethical,"--basically SACIS was a censor.
The company has two sales divisions--international and Italian--with the former Liking over most of the activities of SACIS, while the latter operates in an entirely new sector: the sales of home video, pay and free TV rights and the like on the domestic market.
Last year, Giampaolo Sodano, president of SACIS (RAI's program sales arm), spearheaded the first Cartoons on the Bay.
In the new RAI management structure, Sodano retains only the presidency of SACIS, RAI's film and TV sales arm.
Antonio Ferraro of Italy's Sacis highlighted a fundamental European bias that is responsible, in part, for the different nature of European product: namely, the European penchant for seeing filmmaking as the creation of a single artist instead of a collaborative venture encompassing a variety of crafts, skills and disciplines.
A Sacis Film presentation of a Gem Film/Blue Films/Amka Films co-production.
A few things can be said about Giampaolo Sodano, president of SACIS and head of RAI's acquisitions, productions and co-productions: he doesn't shun hard work, he's quick to make decisions and he's not afraid to take chances.
Canada will be represented by a large number of companies while from Italy only SACIS and Mondo TV will do the honors.
closing up on them, while Thames was said to be looking for an American acquisition and Italy's SACIS was looking to be sold.
The sale initially was negotiated in November by original rights handler Sacis at Mifed, but contractual problems with one of the co-producers stalled the deal.