SACLASouth African Christian Leadership Assembly
SACLASouthern Alberta Community Living Association (Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada)
SACLASouth African Computer Lecturers' Association
SACLASouth African Confederation of Labour Associations
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For example, the existing supercomputer system at SACLA took two weeks to perform analysis that classified two-dimensional patterns from over one million images captured by SACLA, but this is expected to take only four hours on the K computer.
By creating an efficient way for SACLA to work together with the K computer, it should become possible to provide Japanese industry with the world's most advanced research infrastructure.
Following the inauguration of SACLA two years ago, we have been able to run a variety of experiments on SACLA, which combines a state-of-the-art accelerator and optical technologies.
One of only two facilities in the world to offer this novel light source, SACLA has the capacity to deliver radiation one billion times brighter and with pulses one thousand times shorter than other existing X-ray sources.
Only three months later, SACLA has marked a second milestone.