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SACLOSSemi-Automatic Command to Line Of Sight
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From the outset, the SACLOS technique was employed, thus making the engagement process easier for the operator.
Complex 9K111 Missile 9M111 Dimensions: Missile Length 863 mm (container length 1,098 mm) Missile Caliber 120 mm Wingspan 369 mm Missile Weight 11.3 kg (13.0 kg in container) Effective Range: Maximum 2.0 km Minimum 0.07 km Average Speed 185 m/s Warhead: Weight 2.5 kg Penetration 200 mm at 60 degrees; 400 mm at 90 degrees Guidance SACLOS, command wire Launcher: Man-Portable 9P135 Self-Propelled Can be used from 9K113 Konkurs launchers.
One major change from the Nemesis included using an all-laser solution based on low-power diode lasers to provide the false beaconing against SACLOS munitions.
Radio control (initially command and later saclos guidance) was used from the outset for the much heavier 29.0 kg Nudelman 9M17P Skorpion member of the Falanga (AT-2) series, which has a range of 2.5 metres.
TShU1-7 electro-optical jammers are intended to jam laser rangefinders, laser target designators and Saclos guided missiles within two seconds of a threat being detected.
MBDA sees semi-active command-to-line-of-sight (Saclos) missiles as being better suited to non-MBT targets than the imaging infrared guided missiles such as the Raytheon Javelin and Rafael Spike/Gill.
The Trigat-LR was designed to satisfy a Franco-German requirement that included a firing range of five kilometres, which is probably the maximum distance KBM 9M114 Kokon (AT-6) and its marginally supersonic (350 to 400 m/sec) 9M120 Ataka-V (AT-9) derivative, both of which use the Shturm-V radio saclos guidance system and have an effective range of six kilometres.
Older long-range missile systems include the supersonic (Mach 1.55) KBM 9M114 Shturm (AT-6), which has radio saclos guidance, a range of 6000 metres and entered service on the Mi-24 in 1976.
One of the most sophisticated systems in this category is the saclos wire-guided Saab Bofors Dynamics Bill 2, which is basically an overflight missile but can also be employed in a direct attack against an unarmoured target as well as an overflight anti-personnel weapon.