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SACLOSSemi-Automatic Command to Line Of Sight
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6 kg Penetration 270 mm at 60 degrees; Penetration 270 mm at 60 degrees; 560 mm at 90 degrees 560 mm at 90 degrees Guidance manual LOS, radio Guidance SACLOS, radio Launcher: Launcher: Self-Propelled 9P32 on BRDM-1 chassis Self-Propelled 9P137 on BRDM-2 chassis Aircraft Mi-4AV, MI-8TV, MI-24A Aircraft Mi-24D Users: Algeria, Angola, Cuba, Bulgaria, Czech Rep.
5 kg Penetration 200 mm at 60 degrees; 400 mm at 90 degrees Guidance SACLOS, command wire Launcher: Man-Portable 9P135 Self-Propelled Can be used from 9K113 Konkurs launchers.
3 kg (tandem type) Penetration 250 mm at 60 Penetration 300 mm at 60 degrees; 500 mm at degrees; 800 mm 90 degrees at 90 degrees Guidance SACLOS, wire guided Guidance SACLOS, wire guided Thermal day/night sight Launcher: Launcher: Man-Portable 9P135 Man-Portable 9P135M Self-Propelled 9P148 on BRDM-2 Self-Propelled no chassis launcher also on BMP-2, BMP- 1P, and BMD-2/3 Users: Afghanistan, Users: Russia, proposed Belarus, Bulgaria, for export.
One major change from the Nemesis included using an all-laser solution based on low-power diode lasers to provide the false beaconing against SACLOS munitions.
In its basic form, the weapon uses radar-based SACLOS guidance, but an active radar seeker is reported to be under consideration for future versions.