SACMSaudi Arabian Cultural Mission
SACMService Asset and Configuration Management
SACMSociété Alsacienne de Constructions Mécaniques (French: Alsatian Society of Mechanical Engineering)
SACMSuperfund Accelerated Cleanup Model
SACMStand Alone Cable Modem
SACMStatistical Adiabatic Channel Method
SACMSmart Array Controller Monitor (Hewlett-Packard)
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Leading the charge was the SACM that lamented: "South Africa's bulk commodity exporters have been unable to respond to the demand created by the global commodity boom because rail and port infrastructures are inadequate.
Backed by its experience with the sale of close on 30000 diesel engines marketed over the last 40 years under the names of Poyaud, MGO and AGO, the SACM Diesel group (Societe Alsacienne de Constructions Mecaniques) designs, manufactures and markets, under the make Uni Diesel, a complete range of gaz (LPG) and diesel engines all belonging to the high-speed diesel category (1000 to 2500 rpm) and with power ratings extending from 200 to 10000 HP for cylinder bores of 135 to 240 mm.
In the planning stage are the 625 kW UD V8X T6, which may be installed on the export version of the AMX 30 C2, and the 550 kW UD V8X T55 and 535 kW UD V8X T5, both under consideration for the reengining of the French Army's AMX 30 B2, a project on which SACM is competing with Renault and Baudouin.
SACM Diesel has been selected as the engine supplier for the AMX Leclerc, the French Army's future battle tank.
He said: "Given that Indiana is the 5th largest state in terms of the number of Saudi students, the SACM is happy to see their progress.
001) trades Over the Counter in the United States with 10 marketmakers (BAMM, WIEN, SACM, NITE, DOMS, CRWN, HILL, FRAN, SCHB, JEFF) involves a high degree of risk, and is suitable only for accredited, overseas, or institutional investors who are able to assess the risk, and can afford to lose their entire investment.
Supply repair materials electromechanical SACM UD25L06 LEVEL C A / C sq.
As part of improving the accelerator platform CEA / Saclay, SACM - Service accelerators, cryogenics and magnetism - wants to equip new RF power sources such klystron.
NOTE TO EDITORS: For more information on SAC Technologies, dial 1-800-PRO-INFO, code SACM.
For more information on SAC Technologies, dial 800-PRO-INFO, code SACM.